STORY TIME: Our DNA – Gratitude

We believe that for any company, big or small, their DNA is very important. It’s what they believe in, what they stand for. Perhaps some might have it well-defined yet some others, let’s say a tiny family-run business in a remote village, might have awareness and not necessarily a structure. Regardless, it is key.

When The Supply Advisory was being conceptualised, the Co-Founders arrived at a consensus that though there evidently were capability and skill-based differentiators for the company, it will be their DNA that will differentiate them and the first one they agreed to was “Gratitude”.

Russell Harrison, Ananya Sinha Roy and Aileen Apuntar-Laqui had been working together in the field of Procurement and Supply Chain recruitment for a decade back then and consistently had customers engaging them in repeat business. Strong relationships were forged over the years and what kept them going was the trust the Clients and Candidates retained in them. This was invaluable and for this, they were grateful.

Wondering how they gave life to this DNA? Here you go…

✅ They decided that their “Pricing models” will be designed with “Gratitude” taking centre stage.

✅ Firm believers in giving back to the society, it was undisputed that a part of the revenue from every placement will be donated to a charitable organisation. They went with Autism Association (Singapore).

✅ They chose to embark on the journey of regularly engaging with their audience by publishing content such as Expert Roundups, Technical blogs, Recruitment related blogs, News Articles, Executive Moves Newsletter, encouraging learning and helping their network keep pace with the Supply Chain and Procurement market.

So, what is your company’s DNA? Do you know the story behind it? Share it with us and don’t forget to follow The Supply Advisory page for interesting articles.

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