STORY TIME: Our DNA – Wellness

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?! Did Wellness make it to the list?

It is that time of the year where a considerable number of people make New Year’s resolutions. We wonder how many have slotted Wellness as part of that plan; be it theirs, their team’s, their Kith and Kin’s.

A few years back, when our Co-Founder, Ananya Sinha Roy, was recruiting for a Regional Supply Chain Manager role to be based in one of the ASEAN countries, it came as a blow to her when the candidate didn’t show up on the date of joining despite it being a perfectly executed retained search with all stakeholders onboard. After being able to reach the candidate after many days, what she learnt was heartbreaking. It was a case of acute depression. The individual had subconsciously spiralled down that route during their handover/notice period as they couldn’t handle the work pressure.

On that day, she learnt that mental health problems were very real and could affect anyone who we might otherwise think is coping perfectly well.

In this fast-paced world of procurement and supply chain, professionals are constantly faced with technical complexities and geopolitical challenges. From ensuring efficient operations to navigating global markets, these experts play a critical role in driving organizational success. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of the supply chain industry, it is essential not to overlook the well-being of the individuals behind it.

So, when we founded The Supply Advisory, we consciously embedded “Wellness” as one of our DNAs and don’t shy away from talking about it with our clients, candidates, and employees.

From sharing Expert Roundups about Mental Health with our readers, to organising unique networking events encompassing wellness “Boxing and Beers” which our clients thoroughly enjoy, to humbly donating a part of our revenue from every placement to the Autism Association (Singapore), The Supply Advisory strives towards living up to its DNA every day.

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