STORY TIME: The Chemistry

Here is a photo of two of our Co-Founders Twinning in 2012. Ananya Sinha Roy was the Billing Consultant and Aileen Apuntar-Laqui was the Researcher for the team at the company where they embarked on the journey of agency recruitment. They rocked up to their then office at Raffles Place without any knowledge that they’d be colour-coordinated that day. They had a good laugh seeing that even their footwear matched and decided to capture the moment in a photo.

Little did they know that over a decade down the line, they’d continue to work together and be more in sync than ever; running a Business together!

You’d agree that in any organisation, when the sales and the operations understand each other, the customer gets the best result. When the technical architect understands the needs of the salesperson, the best product/service gets delivered.

Here at The Supply Advisory, Ananya our Director, and Aileen our Director for Research and Operations, have been speaking to each other the language of Supply Chain and Procurement over the years and this is one of the key reasons that helps our searches run like a smoothly oiled engine.

So, when we get compliments from our clients and candidates for the good work, we believe it is the fruit of 11 years of our Co-Founders nurturing their relationship, building chemistry and domain knowledge, continuously improving processes and oh, having truckloads of fun while doing that!

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