STORY TIME: The Inception

Did you know the story behind the founding of The Supply Advisory?
It’s an interesting one, or at least that is what we think and so wanted to share it with you!

In 2020, Ananya Sinha Roy, Aileen Apuntar-Laqui and Russell Harrison had been working together in the field of Procurement and Supply Chain recruitment for a decade. Russell moved away from recruitment to follow his passion for Boxing and expand the Spartans Boxing Club. Ananya was seeking a new challenge in her career and Aileen was looking to continue operating in a firm with the flexibility of moving back to the Philippines. Alan Anwar, who owned a successful recruitment business Datasearch Consulting, used to train at Spartans Boxing Club.

One evening, he and Russell were catching up over a Beer and an idea of a specialised recruitment firm in Procurement and Supply Chain came up. Soon, a beer chat translated to a concrete possibility of starting something that they could call their own! Aileen and Ananya came onboard and the four of them Co-Founded The Supply Advisory.

Please follow The Supply Advisory to keep pace with the latest trends of Procurement and Supply Chain.

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